About Chloe

I have cared for and worked with dogs and cats all of my life starting with my first job working as a vet tech for three years in France.

I trained and competed in Dog Agility with my Airedale Terrier, Emma, and more recently with my Border Collie, Baruch. I also trained many years in obedience.

Because of my extensive background working with animals, I am able to provide exceptional care beyond just the basics. Many people who have elderly pets or sick animals in need of medication every day, sometimes twice a day, can not leave for vacation because the cost of hiring a veterinarian assistant to come to the home is too high, or they simply can not find someone to perform this service. Kennels will not take responsibility for administering medication. I am offering these services, and will make all efforts to provide the most loving care to your elderly or sick companions.

My goal is for you to leave at ease, be confident all through your absence and return with garden, home and furry/scaly/feathery creatures in good health and spirit.

~ Chloe de Segonzac.

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